Writing engaging emails is a necessity in internet marketing today. With an average 45:1 return on investment, email marketing provides you with an affordable marketing method that should be a driving force in your lead generation. However, a challenging problem faced by most marketers is how to improve the open and read rate. There are many creative ways marketers can use to ensure that your emails are read, here are a few.

Subject Lines

One of the best ways to improve your “open and read rate” is to develop compelling and creative subject lines. Most people decide whether or not to open an email based entirely on the subject line, so make it interesting and provoking enough to convince your subscribers that they really need to open the email.

You” is the best word to use to get the attention of your reader. This personal touch says that the message is not about a product but about them, allowing you to connect with your readers and build relationships

Optimize Your Mailing List

Knowing your audience is key. You need to figure out what is important to the subscribers on your lists because it is important to always send out email messages to people who actually care. Did they purchase products or services from you in the past? You need to know a lot of things about your audience, as this will allow you to be able to send relevant and targeted emails to them.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

People are are busy living their lives and already receive tons of email. Make your emails easy to read by breaking your content into short paragraphs including images and subheadings. Also, check your writing style and grammar, as you don’t want your emails to seem ill-conceived.

Write with a Friendly Tone

Your subscribers should be in a relaxed mood when they check out their emails, so write naturally using a friendly, informal tone. You should include the subscriber’s first name in the greeting to personalize the email and to make them feel valued.

Email marketing is a great tool for engaging your customers and improving sales. The tips above should help you with writing engaging emails and improve your “open/read rates” with little or no hassle.

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