Autoresponders are a must in online marketing! You must have a way to connect with and collect the names, email addresses, etc. of leads and customers.

Collecting leads or double opt-in subscribers is a great way to build your email mail list. It provides you with a base of people who are interested in what you have to say or offer.

The major deterrence to sending out an email is knowing whether it will actually get delivered to your subscribers.

Trying to mail through your site (server) email may run into major problems, especially if you’re on a shared server. Problems include exceeding your bandwidth quota or using up too much CPU power each month.

The best way to describe an autoresponder is as an automatic emailing service.

An autoresponder service is your best solution when it comes to sending out your list emails on a regular basis. The major benefit of using an autoresponder is that you can schedule emails for weeks or even months in advance. Also, you may go in and send out a broadcast email whenever you choose. A broadcast email is just an extra email that you send when you have something new to share with your list.

You may use an autoresponder in several different ways, including:

  • Building mailing lists
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Customer support
  • Newsletters
  • e-Courses
  • Membership Content

Autoresponder Services

Most of the popular services such as Sendlane, Rocket Responder, Aweber and GetResponse offer free or low cost trials for the first month. This way you can sign-up and get a feel for how the system works.

You may also sign-up for a FREE autoresponder with ListWire if you just wish to get your feet wet and learn how to use an autoresponder service.

Incorporating email marketing into your business will easily generate income, as email marketing offers the best return on investment of ANY TYPE of marketing at 45:1! You should have no trouble in generating enough income to pay for your autoresponder service if you make use of it immediately.

And don’t forget this is a business expense and qualifies as a tax deduction for your business each year too.

Using an autoresponder is an easy way to build your customer base and stay connected with them. You can send out emails any time you wish or have a set and forget system in place and schedule emails out to a year.

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