List Building

What is List Building?

List building is the process of adding subscribers to an email list(s), it is the backbone of email marketing. For internet marketers, list building is the first, the most important and an ongoing task. Their lists are their business!


For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

EmailExpert-10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014

List BuildingWithout a doubt the worst Internet marketing advice you will hear is that list building isn’t important or necessary. If you’re in any kind of business, this is simply dangerous advice to follow. List building is absolutely vital – without a list, you are without a business.

The 2003 CAN-SPAM Act made it illegal to send unsolicited bulk email! You can be fined up to $11K per SPAM email you send. You can also go to JAIL!

So Why Build a List?

You want to build a list because once you have a list, you can email it whenever you wish. Done correctly, you can build relationships with your subscribers by keeping them in the loop as to the happenings with your website or company. A subscriber that feels they know you are much more likely to buy from you. Better customer relations equal more sales which equals more money!

How Long Does it Take to Build a List?

You will never stop building your list! List building is an ongoing process because over time you’ll have people unsubscribe from your list so you’ll need to find new subscribers to replace them. Successful internet marketers report income averaging $1 per month per subscriber. The bigger the list, the more chances you have to make sales.

List building is the holy grail of what we do at AdvancedInternetConcepts, together we boast combined lists of over 400K! They cover numerous niches and even though we spend money to build our lists, our method assures a break-even proposition, at worst.

We instruct our clients and members in building their lists, engaging the subscriber, list segmentation, list management and monetizing the entire process to earn real cash!

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