Email marketing provides an average return on investment of 45 to 1. If you’re new to email marketing, you might think it’’s easier and faster to buy an email list rather than build an email list. There are some things you should be aware of before you decide to employ the easy way.

Risks of Purchased Lists

#1 Non-relevant Contacts
A prospect that has never been to your website, shown no interest in your products, services, or the resources you are offering then quite simply you are interrupting them – SPAM. You have their email address because they opted in at another website. This was likely done in the belief that their email address would be kept confidential. When you receive their email address, you have no idea if they have any interest in anything you have to offer.

#2 Your Email Address Flagged as Spam
If you plan on making email marketing a permanent part of your marketing arsenal, this can be very dangerous. If the recipients don’’t recognize your company name they will likely move your email to their spam folder. This sends a message to your email provider to filter out your email address and you could land on a blacklist. Once there, it is very hard to be removed.

#3 Your Message Gets Lost in the Clutter
With a purchased list, you can be certain that you aren’t the first nor the last to get that list. The people on that list are most likely being bombarded with emails. You’ve probably experienced this. You sign up for something online and suddenly your inbox is filled with emails from people you’ have never heard of! Chances are the email messages sent to a purchased list will get lost among all the other emails, wasting your money. The only person benefiting will be the person selling you the list.


Email Ad Submitters
Email ad submitters allow you to send your email to millions at once without running afoul of the SPAM laws. Just Google “double opt in email submitters” to find free and premium ad submitters.

Build a Solid Email List
The way to build a powerful email list is through opt-ins from your own website or offers. Each lead you get from your own website is a targeted subscriber, because they came from your page so they are familiar with what you are offering. This type of lead will convert into paying customers. It might take longer to build but it’s definitely worth the wait!

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