Facebook Live Tour – Getting Started

Facebook Live Tour – Getting Started

So you’ve probably heard all the buzz and excitement and you want to get involved with Facebook Live!

This is a great decision. No doubt one that can give you a significant edge over your competition while helping to connect you with your audience.

History of Live Streaming

When it comes to digital marketing, live streaming is touted as being the next big thing. Just looking at the stats, makes it clear how big it will be!

Periscope has already managed to accrue a very impressive 10,000,000 user accounts. All the footage ever recorded on Periscope, would take  over 40 years to view. Everyday 2 million people log in from 25 different countries!

It began in 2005 with the launch of Meerkat. Also known as ‘AIR’ and ‘Yevvo’, it was immediately apparent that this was going to be a game changer in social media.

Twitter assisted in the success of Meerkat. However, they decided they needed their own contender in this new arena; so they bought the then-small Periscope for a sum of $100 million!

Enter Facebook

In 2015, Facebook got involved and rolled out an experimental live service. In December 2015, it was extended across Android and iOS devices and made its way to Europe.

Facebook is taking this movement very seriously, stating that live video enjoys much more engagement compared with other types of video. They envision a time when video is the primary form of content.

The ranking algorithm that dictates what gets seen on the homefeed, was tweaked to prefer live video.

Getting Started with Facebook Live

Open up your Android or iOS Facebook app and find the box you would normally type in to post new content. When you click this, you are presented with a number of additional options along the bottom. They include posting a picture, a video or live videos. This is represented by an icon that looks like a person with radio waves emanating from their head.

Click this and you are taken to a new screen to enter a description for your video and you decide who gets to see the content. If you chose to post from your Facebook page, the video will be public. That is, anyone can watch it from either the Facebook Live Map, your page or your post in their homefeed.

If you posted the video in a private group, then by default it will be visible only to that private group. If you posted from your personal Facebook page, you can choose with whom you want to share your videos.

The only other options at this point are to switch between front-facing and rear cameras and the option to go live when you’re ready!

Going Live

Once you’re live, you simply talk into the camera and aim it where you want it. Note that you can see comments left by viewers as well as their reactions which may be a ‘like’ or another expression. You can also see how many people are viewing and when someone new joins in. It’s a good idea to mention people as they tune in, help them to feel more involved and increase their engagement with your videos!

Top 10 Facebook Live Resources

European Safelist

European Safelist

The $7 per month Pro membership at European Safelist is one of my favorite list building tools as well as a fantastic bargain. Over the past three years, I’d have to say that I’ve added a minimum of 5000 new subscribers to my lists from European Safelist alone!

For those of you unfamiliar with safelists, a safelist is a mailing list where all members can send email to each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because every member has opted in and confirmed their email address. A safelist can be used to advertise websites, business opportunities, etc.

European Safelist is a traditional safelist that boasts 17,867 members and ranks #51,166 in web traffic according to Alexa (as of this writing). It offers both a Credit Mailer and a Regular Mailer.

Benefits of Pro Membership

Credit Based Mailer

Regular Mailer Limit

Mail To

Saved Messages

Credits for reading AD

Signup Credits

Monthly Credits

HTML Mailer

Visual HTML Editor

Banner / Text Ads Rot.

Banner imp.


500 Monthly Leads

Referral $

Referral credits

3 Times Day

Once a day

Free, Silver, Pro

Up to 15







1 impress. = 1 credit





$7 per month for:

  • 12 Autoresponders with 40 messages allowed per responder, 100 imported leads allowed per day, 50000 leads allowed per responder and 30 tracking links per autoresponder.
  • 500 email leads
  • 1 List Solo
  • Personal European Safelist Capture Page

Not to mention the other perks listed above.

I defy anyone to find a better deal anywhere on the web for a service of the quality and reputation of European Safelist!

Affiliate Programs Look For These Essential Elements

Affiliate Programs Look For These Essential Elements

A few essential elements you should consider before you join any affiliate program or  promote any affiliate product. If you want to be successful in earning affiliate commissions. Because choosing the right affiliate products or programs is essential to making money online.

Criteria for Choosing Affiliate Programs

  • There are affiliate programs that are free to join and others that have a fee to join. Unless the product or service is proprietary or pays 100% commissions, do not pay ANY money to start promoting an affiliate product. If you are considering promoting some products as an affiliate, choose the ones that make it easy and less costly for you start promoting their products.
  • Look for affiliate programs that provide marketing tools as well as any needed support. With enough marketing tools, it’s easy for you to market your affiliate link and begin making sales quickly.
  • Do not try to promote a product that is not in demand. It is important that you choose a high quality product or program that is popular.
  • Make sure that the affiliate program or the product owner pays commissions on a regular basis. Preferably via PayPal or Payza. (If the affiliate program does not have a relationship with PayPal or Payza, be weary of joining!) You don’t want to waiting for many weeks or months before you get your commissions.
  • You must maximize your earning potential by promoting products which pay higher commissions. Depending on the affiliate program or product, you should look to earn commissions between 50% and 100% for every sale you make.
  • Choose an affiliate program that has multi-tier structure. A single-tier program only pays you for the business you generate. A multi-tier program pays you for your generated business, plus a commission on the sales generated by any other affiliate you sponsor into the program. It is recommended that you choose an affiliate program that gives you more opportunities to earn residual income.

Following these recommendations will enable you to choose an affiliate program that allows you to earn attractive commissions and become a successful online money maker.

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