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AdvancedInternetConcepts is a partnership of Richard Smith, Dick Kidd and Evan Hayes. Originally a boutique web development firm, we sold the majority of our client list in 2011 to concentrate on Internet Marketing.

Having designed well over 250 WordPress websites showcasing different services, product launches and promotions, we became very well-versed in WordPress.

After our non-compete clause expired, we decided to open our doors again!

Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Chief WordPress Designer
Originally from Michigan, Richard was raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area. He has lived all over the US and western Europe before finally settling in Naples, Florida. He’s married with two adult children (on their own), two fur children – Cooter Brown & Ebony and one granddog – Ellie!

A securities analyst prior to becoming a web designer, he is a data junkie! He specializes in WordPress, list building, email marketing & affiliate marketing.

  • WordPress 92% 92%
  • List Building & Email Marketing 85% 85%
  • Affiliate/CPA Marketing 70% 70%
Dick Kidd

Richard Kidd

Chief Web Marketer

A Scot by birth, Dick was raised in London. After university he became an actuary splitting his time between NYC and London. After selling his firm, he began web development and internet marketing because it was something he could do from home! He’s married with three adult children. He and his wife split their time between their homes in London and Coconut Grove, Florida.

Dick specializes in affiliate and CPA marketing, content marketing and traffic generation.

  • Affiliate/ CPA Marketing 95% 95%
  • Social Media Management 89% 89%
  • Web Advertising & Retargeting 90% 90%
Evan Hayes

Evan Hayes

Graphics & Video

Evan Hayes spent most of his professional life shuttling between London and Washington DC as a lobbyist for Her Majesty’s interests. He and his wife spend their time advocating for the reform of drug laws. They split their time between their homes in Denver and Delray Beach – when not traveling.

Evan specializes in graphics and video creation. He’s also an expert at paid web traffic generation.

  • Graphics & Digital Photography 85% 85%
  • Video 60% 60%
  • Web Traffic Generation 90% 90%

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