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The principals at AdvancedInternetConcepts have been making money online since 1999. First as web developers / web programmers then morphing into Internet marketers.

After gathering a base of clients in diverse industries, we signed up as affiliates for Urchin Software and sold it to our clients, at one point we were almost exclusively selling the web analytic software. Then out of the blue, Google bought the company and phased out the the direct sales force. We took a mid five figure per month hit to our bottom line!​

That's when we revamped our business to build a foundation based on targeted email marketing and list building, affiliate / CPA marketing and  forced matrices to name just a few.

It took 6 months to begin making $300 a day consistently (average per day for 30 days), 11 months to break $1500 a day and 18 months to break the $3k per day  barrier - our holy grail (there are 3 of us)! Now we're sharing our methods and tactics with our e-course subscribers and downline members - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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